New Clean Dry System
All Natural Dry Carpet Cleaning

Natural Clean Dry Carpet Cleaning Solution is a deep-cleaning and efficient way to naturally extract soils, stains, and odors from your carpets without using water. The dual counter rotating brushes clean deep down using all-natural cleaning solutions. The brushing action of the Natural Clean machines lift and straighten the carpet pile as it works through the carpet, contacting all the surfaces of the carpet pile. Natural Cleans’ EnviroZorb compound absorbs the soil and odor until the machine removes it from the carpet. The spots do not return and there is no sticky residue to attract fresh dirt and odor. The patented NC carpet cleaning machines are lightweight, easy to use, quiet, and will pick up 20% more than a vacuum.


It’s a quiet, efficient way to restore and clean your carpets with little or no moisture used. 3 Sizes with variable brushes mean our system is capable of handling the smallest to largest jobs on every type of carpeting.

Absorbent Cleaner

All-natural EnviroZorb is worked deep into carpeting to break down and absorb dirt, spots, spills and odors. The most highly effective method to dry-cleaning carpets known. Carpets are left dry, clean, and hygienic.

Enzymatic Carpet Cleaner

A specially designed concentrated enzymatic carpet cleaner and deodorizer. This multi-strain cleaner and deodorizer uses nature to effectively “digest” odors and stains from carpets without the use of toxic or caustic chemicals. 

Encapsulating Polymer

An extremely effective cleaner with outstanding anti-resoiling characteristics that also prevents wicking of stains. EnviroCap is pH neutral, free of phosphates and bleaches, allergen reducing and biodegradable. It has excellent cleaning efficiency and improves indoor air quality. The polymer treatment encapsulates dirt molecules, dust mites, molds and mildews, making them easy removable from the carpet fibers.



  • 100% Natural Enzyme Cleaning
  • Restores Natural Beauty / Pile Lifts
  • Polymer Encapsulation / Reduces Re-soiling
  • Allergen Reducing / Improves Air Quality
  • Maintain Manufacturers Warranty
  • Dry/Low Moisture Cleaning
  • Digests Stains & Odors
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Simple to Use



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