concrete sealer and hardener for commercial and industrial usesAdsil MicroGuard®

W.I.S.E is an authorized distributor and installer for MicroGuard® coatings. Adsil is the manufacturer of patented, inorganic, extreme surface protection coatings and cleaning products that are packaged under the MicroGuard®, Microsil®,
and MicroKleen® trademarks.

The MicroGuard® product line provides superior performance for the protection of non-ferrous metal, hard tile, terrazzo, concrete, and painted metal surfaces, providing protection from staining, oxidation, corrosion, and abrasion.

The primary benefits include:

• Extension of Useful Surface Life.
• Ease of Cleaning.
• Long Term Durability.
• Enhanced Foot Traction on Flooring.
• Mold & Mildew Growth Mitigation.
• Reduction in Operating and Capital Costs associated with Building Maintenance.
• Saves Energy and Reduces Pollution to the Atmosphere and Waste Stream.

HVAC/R: Extend the operating life of your HVAC/R asset, while at the same time saving energy and improving indoor air quality.

FLOORS: Reduce the cost of cleaning your floors, while enhancing overall surface appearance and reducing the staining of the grout.

Keeping all your nonferrous metal clean and performing well is laborious and expensive. We have a product that is a cost effective way to eliminate polishing and reduce cleaning.

Graffiti tagging is a never ending battle. We have a proven and cost effective solution.


clear brick and paver sealant
bricks, pavers, drives, clear coated sealers

What is MicroGuard?
Inorganic coating products that crosslink cure into an ultra-thin film of glass-like
protection. MicroGuard® patented technology was originally developed by Dr. John Schutt, past technical director of coatings research and development for NASA. For his work, he was inducted into NASA’s Scientist Hall of Fame.

Upon retirement from NASA, Dr. Schutt began furthering his decades’ long work in the area of inorganic film formation.

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